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05 Jun 2014

National Aquaculture Group celebrates World Environment Day 2014

[Al-Laith, KSA – June 2014] National Aquaculture Group recognizes the importance of all environmental aspects and their impact to our surrounding. Being the leading Aquaculture and Sea Food manufacturing company; we understand our responsibility towards safeguarding our environment; not only for today but for our generations to come in the future.


Engr. Ahmed Rasheed Al-Ballaa, Managing Director at NAQUA Group emphasized on the importance of our role in the preservation of the environment. He said “ The best way to monitoring and managing our environment is to pre-determine the conditions we would leave our habitat and environment after living and using it for our purposes; our living, our business and our utilization of its resources”. We must know today that we will leave out habitat and environment in much better conditions than what we have been blessed with today”. He added with corporate commitment.


NAQUA Group understands the importance of its location, operations & unique environment. With Red Sea enriched Desert Coastal Aquaculture projects expanded over 100’s of miles of farms and production facilities on land and inside the Sea. As an industry leader; NAQUA has always set higher standards for environmental monitoring and management in full compliance to Kingdom’s Regulations and global environmental norms.


To celebrate world environment day 2014; NAQUA Group arranged 2 group-wide sessions on "Environment Management Systems" for all levels of the employees. This program was sponsored by Corporate Quality & Sustainability Directorate and HR-Learning & Development Department.


Over 200 participant attended these sessions. Mr. Nasir Hameed, Director Corporate Quality & Sustainability shared “Our aim is to get the attention of every NAQUA member to know their role in protection and upgrading of Environment. We arranged these training sessions to share global best environmental practices and seek ways for their application to our operations. These sessions helped us to listen to our cross-functional employees and to create a scenario for mutual learning. These sessions ended with great feedback form the participant sharing that they have learned a lot to what they can contribute at their levels to preserve and protect their working environment. Employees only took part in an adult learning test to show their competence after attending this training.


Manager, Environment Protection Engr. Ashfaq, Mr. Geetha M. & Mr. Riyas with the support and guidance from Mr. Abad and entire team of HR – Learning & Development department done a great job in delivering this training and awareness program very effectively.