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01 Oct 2012

The Custodian of the two Holy Mosques reinforces the Aquaculture industry with 3 million Riyals

[October 2012] The founded committee of the Aquaculture society (of which the ministries committee had agreed for it to be established); invites Saudi nationals to complete the registration procedure for the mentioned membership; taking into consideration that the last registration date is the 14th of Sep. 2012.


The goals of the society; which is an independent social and financial entity, are to develop the aquaculture industry and related products, as well as posting up aquaculture activities all over the Saudi Arabia. The society's presidency will be located in Jeddah.


The society will prepare the necessary measures and roles that have to be implemented by the aquaculture industry and its products; in cooperation with related governmental offices to suggest mechanisms and methods of monitoring and inspection. Efforts will incorporate issuing / canceling of licenses, studying obstacles facing the industry as well as representing official / commercial sectors within the Saudi Arabia and abroad in coordination with the ministry of Agriculture. In addition to various other responsibilities that the society will take upon in order for aquaculture to be an important pillar for the Saudi Arabia's national economy.


Referring to the Saudi ministry of Agriculture; the role of the society is for propagation and growth in addition to generating economical and environmental from benefits the living aquatic organisms; such as finfish, crustaceans, shellfish, mollusk's and phytoplankton's.


Twenty seven of the original 30 members have attended the society meeting. Ten members have been selected to represent the administration committee, in addition to a chairman and his deputy.


The committee has announced engineer Ahmed Rasheed Al-Bala'a and Mrs. Dena Al-Farris to be the president and the co-president of the society respectively. Ten members representing the administration committee have been selected also, as follows: Ahmed Rasheed Al-Bala'a, Mohammed Jaber Al-Sehely, Musaeed Abdul Rahman Al-Fayaz, Nasser Jar Allah Al-Jameel, Dena Abdulah Al-Farris, Nasir Ali Al-Sharif, Ali Mohamed Al-Shaikhi, Mohamed Saeed Baghanim, Ibrahim Al-Salem Al-Mishari and Esa Al-Yosif.


Engineer Ahmed Rasheed Al-Bala'a explained that the idea of establishing the Aquaculture society and preparation for it had started during the year 1422h, supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture and in coordination with aquaculture projects in the Saudi Arabia. These efforts have been supported by kind care of Custodian of the two Holy Mosques King Abdulah bin Abdul Aziz when he honored by his attendance the Jazana Agriculture symposium held during the month of Zu-Aqeedah 1423h, which focused on the importance of this becoming fisheries industry and its role of developing social and economics affairs in the regions targeted by the symposium.


The Royal kind attendance to Jazan Agriculture symposium assimilated the first step in transferring aquaculture from a traditional agriculture practice to a model developed industrial practice. The aquaculture projects in the regions of Al-Laith and Jazan have been honored by the kind visit of the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques during opening ceremonies. The approval of the ministries committee for the recommendation of Minister of Agriculture to establish the aquaculture society in the month of Rabiee Al-Awaal of the current year, followed by the royal acts related to the industry of aquaculture.


All of the above reflected the understanding of the royal wise leadership for the role of the aquaculture industry in supporting the Saudi Arabia's development plans. Engineer Ahmed Rasheed Al-Bala'a further explained that the efforts in establishing the Saudi Aquaculture Society resulted in gaining a ministries committee act that gave it an independent entity after clearing its objectives with reference to the ministry of Agriculture.


Based on that the ministries act which has been issued on Rabiee Al-Awaal of the current year forming the founded society committee, the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques has reinforced the Aquaculture society affairs with 3 million Riyals supporting the current fascicule year.